1 Nov 2016


5 Outstanding Places You Must Visit In Bengaluru

5 Outstanding Places You Must Visit In Bengaluru

Once known as Bangalore, Bengaluru has earned many other titles like Silicon Valley of India, Garden City and the Air conditioned city. It is the capital of Karnataka and one of the largest and sophisticated cities of India. The city has been known for its pleasant climate and best working surrounding. It is dominated by IT sector so you will find lots of computer engineers here. As per the survey says, Bengaluru has bagged the title of cleanest urban city of India. Apart from the sophistication part, Bengaluru has got some remarkable impressions on the Pre independence history of India. Being a south Indian city, this place is rich in culture and tied with its tradition.

Here are 5 Outstanding Places you must visit when you are in Bengaluru:

Bangalore Palace

If you have ever wondered why Indians were able to built something
like British architecture so here is the answer, Bangalore Palace was inspired Windsor
Castle situated in England. The palace was built in 1887 by Chamaraja Wodeyar. Like every other castle, Bangalore place is designed using fortified towers and arches. The green lawn and the wooden carvings in the interior of the palace are simply gorgeous.


Tipu Sultan’s Fort and Palace

Most of us are familiar with Tipu Sultan and his father Hyder Ali, both these personalities were not only known rulers but also known as great warriors who fought against the Britishers. In their reign, Tipu Sultan's Palace and Fort were built. In addition to this, Hindu temple can also be found in the palace premises that show the harmony and solidarity between Hindu and Muslims during that period.


  Ulsoor Lake


Ulsoor Lake is one of the finest places in the city. It’s quite large in area, covering an area of around 125 acres. This beautiful lake was built by Kempegowda II. There are several activities that you are certainly going to enjoy for sure and I am talking about swimming pool and Boating. Fascinating isn’t it?


Lalbagh Botanical Garden

Never ever try to skip this place when you are in Bengaluru. This extraordinary botanical garden contains everything that you have never seen before. It’s not exaggeration just an explanation about the place. It was built in 17th century by Tipu Sultan. You are going to witness some rare species of trees and plants which you have never even heard of. And the term Lalbagh was actually used because of the beautiful roses that flourish throughout the 12 months there. The glasshouse was also installed in the garden in 1889 to memorialize the visit of the Prince of Wales.

Attara Kacheri


Attara kacheri is two – stories red building built under the rule of Tipu Sultan. The building is designed in Gothic style architecture. This building is officially entitled to High Court and Lower courts. If you take few steps further from the Attara Kacheri you will reach State Central Library building and Venkatappa Art Gallery and I recommend you don’t forget to visit both these places. They are incredible and represent the heritage of the city.