7 Nov 2016


5 Things You Must Learn About Debit Card Fraud

5 Things You Must Learn About Debit Card Fraud

Having a debit card is not a big deal these days, it's about securing it. Everybody has a debit card or say ATM cards.
But what's the matter of concern here is the security of your debit card. Debit card fraud is something which is a major concern for all the debit card holders.
In order to keep you aware of the debit card frauds we want you to know these important 6 things:

Data Stealing Specialized Devices

This is basically known as skimming. In skimming, some specialized device is attached in the ATM card reader slot so that the card data can be stolen. It gives the fraudsters all your card details except your 4 digit pin. So, from next time onward check the card reader slot before inserting your card.

Hidden Cameras are Threat to Your Privacy

Fraudsters use tiny cameras in order to record the videos of customer entering their card pin. These tiny cameras are placed in least suspicious spots like merchant counter and sometimes above the ATM.

More Than 1 Person in ATM Can Be a Matter of Concern.

It often happens when you are withdrawing your money from the ATM and at the same time another person enters into the ATM. May be he has no bad intentions but what if he has some bad intentions. He can cleverly grasp the pin standing right behind you. Never allow anyone to enter the ATM while you are withdrawing your money.

Even ATM Keypads are Not Safe

Fraudsters use a fake keypad which is stuck over the original keypad in order to steal the pin of the card. These fake keypads are used to trace the finger patterns and record the keystrokes. Always check the keypad before entering your pin and if you found something unusual then complain to the authority.

Public Wi-Fi Is Free but Not Safe

Everybody loves freebies. In case of free internet you literally don't want to miss the chance. But sometimes even free things come at a cost.
Public Wi-Fi is highly insecure when are doing online transactions. Your confidential banking details can be stolen. So avoid using public Wi Fi while doing the online transactions.