15 Nov 2016


Dahi, A Nutritional Marvel!

                 Top 7 benefits of having curd?

Milk has always proven to be a boon to human life. The nutrition a single glass of milk delivers is simply non-comparable. Humans are always in the pursuit of exploiting the most ,of a potential resource and milk wasn’t any exception. When observed accidentally that milk, stored for a long time undergoes a process called curdling, transits into a different form of mass, called curd. Working up on this newly discovered delicacy, research shows the role of a bacteria called lactobacillus( LB ) responsible for the formation of curd!

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 More and more research drew conclusions about the enhanced nutritional values harboured by curd and why should it be made a necessary part of one’s diet. With an attempt to throw the light of the day on this topic, here are a few basic reasons why curd consumption to be encouraged:

·         Provides a great aid in digestion !
One of the most important reasons why curd should be included in daily diet is it’s role in digestion. The LB in curd is naturally present in human gut too, and it’s supply from the external is very well welcomed as LB is very essential for digesting the food material entering the gut, and preventing the simultaneously entering bacteria in the food to feed off, by cutting off their nutrition.

·         Makes your skin glow!
I once met a lady who, when asked the reason behind her elegant white skin advised me , it’s all due to curd. Having a diet of about 100g of curd per day makes your skin look younger, softer, brighter!

·         An amazing feed-off for nutrition!
Curd is one of the rare dishes, which delivers a tasty appetite along with a tick mark in the nutrition column too! Talking in numbers, if you consume 6-ounce of curd, you will provide your body with 100-150 calories, 2g of saturated fat, 3.5g of fat, 20g of sugar and about 8-10g of protein. It also provides your body with about 20% of your daily vitamin D portion with 20% of your daily calcium value.

·         Helps you lose weight!
     Sounds paradoxical! But curd helps you maintain calcium levels which indirectly monitor cortisol release. Cortisol is a hormone chiefly concerned with weight regulation and thus it’s lowering provides efficient weight reduction

·         Is a potent anti dandruff!
Dandruff, medically translates to a simple fungal infection. Instead of relying on those high maintenance dandruff shampoos, try applying an emulsion of curd and water . Curd has anti fungal properties and this can be very well exploited to get clear of the existing dandruff!

·         Forget anxiety and stress!
It is hard not to feel stressed in today's highly competitive world, but being depressed can have negative effects on your health. With an ease out effect on the brain, curd manages to find it’s name in the stress-relieving delicacy list

·         Keeps the heart going!
Discouraging the formation of cholesterol, curd helps in keeping the vessels intact and free from the risk of atherogenous plaques. This in turn is reflected on the better working efficiency of the heart.

Thus, this wonder discovery has proven it’s usefulness in a lot of diets. Although curd consumption is highly advocated today, it is also advised not to consume too much curd per day as that too can predispose to weight gain, CHDs , etc!