13 Nov 2016


Homely Measures To Boost Your Immunity

How do I improve my immunity

Immunity, that one word I learnt wayyyyy too early in life. I remember my mother just running after me feeding what not home made remedies of traditional importance, even when I wasn't well. When asked why do I need it now , all she would say is this would help boost your immunity.  Having no clue about what the word means, I just used to run away from mom because clearly it wasn't important, according to me.

 Eventually, curiosity got the better of  me when I decided to read a bit about this apparently important factor in your health. The day I read that, I started making all those home made remedies myself. To my surprise, I was rather enthralled to come across such easy and handy measures to boost my immunity which would only  help me have a better life tommorow . Googling other methods to improve my immunity, I started to know more and more about it. Trying to keep my search tabs restricted to simpler options I ended up finding easy home products I can is  to stay fit and healthy. Here's everything I've learnt that might help you gain some more knowledge about immunity.

-      Garlic,  ginger. These two Indian spices are invariably used in the Indian diet. They have  an antibiotic as well as immune progressive nature, which helps one get rid of  any minor bacterial infection one might have. That's the same reason one is advocated to have ginger, salted one whenever one has sore throat. It has an antibacterial nature, as well as helps us get enough relief from the local pain.

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-      Clove- another commonly used Indian spice, cloves too have an anti inflammatory character, which helps us boost our immunity.

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-      Oranges. -  not just oranges anything that's rich in citrus, vitamin c. Vitamin c helps in the growth and proliferation of the immune tissues in the body. Typically, amla is associated  with major immune response betterment

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-      Honey : a natural source of glucose, honey is one of the most important component of immune moderation.

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-      Milk : milk contains  a number of micronutrient which are essential for the growth and development of the immune cells . They act as Co enzyme for the immune cell synthesis.

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-      Fruits! The most  important dietary component for immunity development. Fruits are necessary as a part of our routine diet as their consumption has a definite role in immunity moderation.

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-      Sweet potatoes, not a very known source of immune factors, sweet potatoes have loads of iron and zinc which is essentially necessary for immune growth and development.

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 These are the most common dietary components one can have easy access from home. Other than diet,maintaining a healthy physique is key to maintaining good immunity. Good immunity is of utmost importance in health because immunity is the reason why the worst of pathogens can't cause an infection in an effective immune environment whereas a compromised immune system is a welcome for the easiest of pathogens.


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Lucas deep
30 April 2022 at 05:18 delete

A strong immune system lays down the foundation of a healthy body. Virus, bacteria or any pathogens can impact one person more than the other depending on the person’s immunity levels. If you have a strong immune system, the possibility is you may not catch an infection and even if you do, the possibility is that your body is better placed to deal with it vis-vis someone with low immunity. This is how you can strengthen your immunity naturally by taking small steps in your everyday good food types & habits.