8 Nov 2016


Little Change in Your Eating Schedule Can Help You in “Weight Loss”

Little Change in Your Eating Schedule Can Help You in “Weight Loss”

If you are suffering from obesity or have excessive fat in your body then we have some great news for you that can solve your problem. And the solution is eating your dinner earlier. The fact came from the recent findings from Obesity Society Annual Meeting at the Obesity Week 2016 held in Louisiana.

As per the findings having dinner earlier or even skipping it can make a huge difference to your body weight. Let us tell you how it works:

  • ·        Starting with the dinner that should be eaten earlier probably by mid- afternoon.

  • ·        Then take an 18 hour gap or consider it as fast.

  • ·        After 18 hours, you can have your breakfast.

We know it is hard to stick to the rules but in order to gain something you got to lose something and this is the only way how it works.

Once you are on the track you will certainly find major changes in your body. The research says that sticking with the above steps will help in weight loss as it change the burning pattern of your body fat and carbohydrates resulting in less hunger that is equals to weight loss.

Ultimately, the whole deal is about the timing. Research also shows that this eating earlier habit has a very positive effect on your entire day. This whole thing is like a package with so many benefits like it strengthen the metabolic flexibility of your body