11 Nov 2016


Top 10 Facts We Bet You Don't Know About Donald Trump

Recently held presidential elections were a surprise to America and to the rest of the world for the new president of the United States will be Donald Trump , the man who spoke what not rubbish but at the end of the day he is now the president of the United States. But thats not just his life he is much much more than you know about him. Here are some really fascinating facts about Donald Trump that will make your eyebrows raised .

1.) The British Parliament has actually debated to whether or not allow the entry of Trump in the country.
 Yes, there was a debate on the entry of the Trump in Britain after 250,000 Britons signed a petition to deny him the entry in their country. The number was enough to compel a debate from the British parliament.

2.) Trump is a Germaphobe.
 A germophobe is the one who is afraid of germs and eventually is afraid of or does not like to shake hands. And so yes you heard it right Trump does not like to shake hands . Oh Oh!!! well now this seems to be a serious problem for an american president who is expected to shake around 65,000 hands a year or even more.

3.) Trump was sent to Military school.
Noe if you are thinking that he was sent to military school because he had any good qualities or on merit then you are wrong . he was sent to military school for his bad behaviour. Also he was frequently getting into troubles. See infact his parents were not able control him, how will the demcracy them?

4.) He doesn't drink but has his own Vodka Brand.
 Yes, the billionaire doesn't drink, yeah I know its hard to digest listening to his comments and speeches but its the fact . He  refrains from drinking because of his brothers death due to alchoholism.
But he has his own Vodka brand Trump Vodka.

5.) He has his name in the WWE hall of fame .
You should not get surprised if you have seen him in the front rows in the stands. Trump has hosted many WWE events at Trump tower.But in 2007, he rose to WWE fame when he dropped tens of thousands of dollars from the rafters in order to upstage Vince McMahon. After that came the Battle of the Billionaires, in which Trump earned the right to shave McMahon’s head.

6.) He offered Obama Free Golf for life.
Trump eventually offered Barack Obama free golf for life time at any of his golf courses. But he made this offer only and only if Obama agreed to resign from his presidentship. Well I guess , Mr. Trump, the offer was not so attractive to make Obama resign his presidentship.

7.) Trump management corporation was once sued by department of justice.
Trumps company was found guilty of discrimination as they were not renting to people of certain race.Donald Trump decided to fight the case in court, until several current and past employees came forward stating that they were required to report the race of any applicant and to discourage any black applicants. The case was then settled out of court.
8.) He demanded $375,000 to appear in his own show.
"The Apprentice" , a very popular reality TV show , gave Trump great exposure. It continued to market his brand and made him quite popular. At 15 episodes a season $ 5.6 million per year just to be on his own show.

9.) He claims he has never used ATM.
While doing an interview with Conan O’Brien on Late Night With Conan O’Brien, he claimed that he has never used an ATM. That maybe be true, because, well, he has people to use the ATM for him. The man probably doesn’t even carry a wallet or debit card, because he is always flanked by people who do that menial stuff for him.

10.)He has his own board game
 The Board Game was released by Milton Bradley in 1989 after Trump’s rise to success. He had become a media darling after using a loan from his father to create multi-million-dollar real estate empire. The game allows players to try and re-create Trump’s rise to fortune, but they can also lose everything, much like Trump himself the year after the game was released. The game was a huge flop.