24 Nov 2016


Top 5 Trending YouTube Personalities of India

Top 5 Trending YouTube Personalities of India

Indian entertainment industry is expanding and it has gone way beyond television and Cinema halls. YouTube has become the newest platform to watch shows and it’s expanding at a very higher rate. Above all, YouTube is equal for all; no matter you are popular, rich, college guys or a simple employee. If you have something innovative and unique talent to show to the world YouTube is the right place. The way internet is rising in India there are number of Indian channels which have gain a huge popularity lately , Channels like AIB , TVF and Being Indian are some good examples that is quite popular among youths. And there are number of other channels with their signature personality who are even more than some TV stars and they are really earning some good money from it.

Let us tell you about these famous YouTube personalities and their channel:

Tanmay Bhat

This chubby guy is one the top of our list. Almost everyone knows who he is and what channel he represents. Tanmay bhat is a cofounder of All India Bakchod (AIB) which is one of the most trending YouTube channels in India. Tanmay Bhat hails from Mumbai city and started his comedian career in 2009.Tanmay also worked in Weirdass Comedy and The Comedy Store. This young comedian star has his own fan following and n fact got his name in the Forbes magazine as the richest celebrity of the year.

Sahil Khattar

Sahil Khattar is the man from Being Indian. This Bald guy is quite popular among streets as he is specialized in questioning people about trending issues. Sahil khattar has his own history; this guy became successful at 17 when he became the top radio jockey of Chandigarh for his show Love Guru.  He had to face enough hardships when he came to Mumbai, even he had to live in the chawls. He got his break in 2014 when he got signed up for Culture Machine, a digital media company. And Culture Machine owns being India.

Bhuvan Bam

Ever heard of BB ki vines? I bet you must have watched it at least once. Well, BB ki vine is run by Bhuvan Bam who is an actor, presenter and owner of his own YouTube channel. Bhuvan met his success in a very dramatic situation; it all started in 2015 when he made a satirical video about a news channel asking insensitive questions to a mother lost her child in Kashmir floods. Well the video went so viral that he became an overnight personality and since that day he hasn’t stopped. BB ki vines have a large viewership in India and Pakistan. Bhuvan bam has also appeared in TVF. His satirical videos on situations, people and issues are worth watching.

Sanjay Thumma

Unlike the comedy concept Sanjay Thumma does it quite differently. Sanjay used to have his own restaurant in the United States but later decided to quit and rethink about the future. For Sanjay it all began when his friends and dear ones started asking about the recipes of his delicious dishes. So one day all of sudden he just uploaded his some recipe videos on YouTube so that his friends can have access to those recipes. But his videos were not only seen by his friends but also to the rest of the world so it turned out that his video gone viral and he became the star overnight.  And unbelievably the next day YouTube contacted him and asked him to continue uploading more such videos and get paid. Currently, Sanjay and his wife is running their cookery show on YouTube. Sanjay is so popular that he is now receiving endorsement deals from some big brands.

Nisha Madhulika

Nisha Madhulika is another YouTube superstar in India. The popularity of her channel can be judged by the number of views and subscribers on her YouTube channel. Before starting her channel she was like a normal housewife with her children settled out. However she used to help her husband his IT business but later she stopped doing that as well. Then she came up with idea of sharing recipes with other people so she started writing blog and her husband helped her in technical assistance. She had written blogs on more than 100 recipes in just 4 years i.e., 2007-11. She became famous and has a great number of followers. After that she switched to YouTube and start posting the whole cookery show on her channel with the brief explanation of her recipes. Madhulika posts 3 recipe videos per week and rest of the days she needs for shooting, research, engaging and responding to her fan emails.

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