18 Nov 2016


What's So Good About Italian Food?

                             MEDITERRANEAN DIET

Greece, Italy, Portugal, these are the countries which have encouraged the establishment and development of the Mediterranean diet around the globe. The beauty of this diet remains secluded in the numerous healthy benefits it offers. Right from a person suffering from debilitating conditions like Alzheimers to one having heart diseases.

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 This diet has proven effective in reducing the complications of such patients, and incidence in healthy individuals. These are the special advantages this diet offers-

-         Heart diseases
     After thorough cohort studies and meta analysis, research output claimed the decreased incidence of cardiovascular disorders in individuals adapting the Mediterranean diet. It has shown to lower the levels of circulating LDL in the blood which is termed as * Bad Cholesterol * , and thus is the advocated diet in certain high risk groups of heart diseases.

-         Diabetes 
     This diet manages to find it’s place in diabetics especially type two diabetes, their efficacy again been proved by meta analysis

-         Cancer
      Not so surprisingly, Mediterranean diet also has shown decreased incidence of cancer especially the ones pertaining to the small and large intestines in people consuming t his diet, thus effectively decreasing cancer mortality

-         Cognitive disorders
     Certain disorders such as parkinsons, alzheimer’s have been showed a declining rate in incidence in populations following this diet chart. IF by any chance your grandma is a victim of Alzhemiers, ask her to try this diet out!

This magic diet has shown certain deviation in it’s  composition than the regular ones. This is one important reason why the Mediterranean diet has so much more to offer when it comes down to health and a healthier life style. Although there is a huge variation of the Mediterranean diet amongst the people following it to, the basic mainstay is constituted of the following components:

-         Virgin Olive Oil 
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     This serves as the source of fat in the Mediterranean diet. This delivers a higher concentration of poly-unsaturated fatty acids ( PUFA) as compared to the normal oil used in diet in other populations and thus can be attributed to the decreased incidence of cardiovascular disorders in populations who have adapted this regime of diet

-         Increased weightage to consumption of fruits and dry fruits too

-         Moderate intakes of sea food including fish( especially marine blue species ),prawns and dairy products like cheese and yoghurt

-         Adequate consumption of red wine amongst the non muslim population

-         Consumption of poultry
-         Avoid consumption of eggs, red meat, etc
-         Excess consumption of bread and gluten rich products

That’s where the difference is made, GLUTEN. High gluten consumption has shown an increased incidence of coeliac disease in such populations. So, efforts are made to reduce gluten consumption and slowly establish a gluten free Mediterranean diet. That’s actually as good as asking a south india borne individual to stop consuming rice at all, meaning; it’s not an easy task. But as the saying goes, you cant have too good out of everything. That applies here too, some changes are mandatory for making this magic diet, a truly perfect one!