7 Dec 2016


4 YouTube Alternatives You Must Try

4 YouTube Alternatives You Must Try

What if YouTube stopped working?

Well if it ever happens it is going to be the most shocking news for the internet users as YouTube is the biggest network to watch, upload and share videos with billions of users. If you are familiar with the internet trends and fashion then you must know that people tends to go for trending applications rather than sticking to the old fashioned network. YouTube may be a leading network of videos but it also has competitors who are putting every possible effort to takeover this giant video watching site. So, we want you to familiarize yourself with the alternative options of YouTube.
Here they are:

Vimeo is a more standard video site than YouTube in every manner. Unlike YouTube, Vimeo focuses more on quality and less on quantity. The name Vimeo means Video with me and was introduced by some film-makers, creative individuals and video creators in 2004. In short, Vimeo is more professional as it allows the user to concentrate more on content and less on promotion. ‘Explore’ tab is the major feature allowing the user to categorize the videos easily. Vimeo allows the user to upload 500MB limit per week and can be expanded to 2048 MB by upgrading. Vimeo video player is meant for serious work not for watching some kind of funny and non sense stuff.


Flickr is a yahoo owned video sharing website. Flickr is a popular and established photo sharing website with really cool features but not used commonly by the video watchers due to its limited duration policy. Most of the time Flicks is used by creative people who are more involved in short films and videos. Flickr limits its videos to 90 seconds, which seems fine for the users who want to keep their video short. If you are a free user you can upload two 90 second videos per month but if you want to enjoy the unlimited uploads you have to pay $25 for the subscription.


If you are looking for the exact replacement for YouTube then Dailymotion is the right option to choose. Launched in 2005 this French owned video sharing website allows the user to upload up to 150 MB videos with maximum video length of twenty minutes. Dailymotion is not very much popular in US but has great potential users in Europe, Africa and Asia. It deals more with professional quality clips and if you are pro user of Dailymotion then you can upload the HD quality videos on the website. Above all, Dailymotion can get your video more coverage provided you don’t compromise with the quality of your video.


Metacafe is Israel owned community-based video sharing website launched in 2003. Metacafe is a tiny version of YouTube and well known for its large number of unique viewers on its website every month. Metacafe strictly believes in quality than quantity, they follow the 90 sec video formula that makes their website garbage free. To enjoy more Metacafe features it is recommended to look for their exclusives partner channels.

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