1 Dec 2016


A $20 Toolkit For All Your Broken Gadgets

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Source: IFIXIT

What do you do when you face a small problem with your smartphone? Like a broken screen, a blurry display or any scratches on the body. Do you discard the phone disposing all the money you paid to get the phone in your hands, take it to a repair shop and pay a small fortune to get it done or try fix it yourself. Since not everyone is a Phone mechanic, the third option is not a usable one always. But that is not going to be the case after this amazing introduction. iFixit, a company based in California, has introduced this toolkit containing around 20 small essential tools to fix your phone from small problems.

IFIXIT was founded in 2003, when the founders Kyle Wiens and Luke Soules were attending  Cal Poly, the company sells repair parts and publishes free wiki-like online repair guides for consumer electronics and gadgets on its web site. Kyle Wiens aims at reducing electronic waste and came up with this wonderful idea which would save up so much of waste.

Source: IFIXIT

In this tool box, there is a magnetized driver handle along with 16 driver tools which are useful in different areas of a phone. For lifting up the broken display screens of tabs and smartphones, there is a suction handle along with a Jimmy which according to IFIXIT website, will "easily slip between the tightest gaps in the toughest devices.” .It also includes an opening tool, picks for scraping and prying open housings, angled precision tweezers, a spudger for disconnecting cables. All these comes in a strong tray with a built in lid which will be very much useful for staying organised with the whole box. 

“Fix your iPhone. Upgrade your laptop. Swap out a dead battery. Repair your drone. Tighten your door handle. Take apart your blender. Adjust your eyeglasses,” iFixit says on its website, adding, “Seriously. You can tackle just about every precision job on your to-do list with this kit.”

There is not much you can do to give yourself a warm pleasant feeling than fixing a problem by yourself. And now you can do it with just 20$ and confident mind. There is an advanced version of this tool box for 65$ which obviously comes with more tools making life a bit more easier. This advanced box will not only contain tools for fixing you phone, but also tools for other home appliances. 

Source: YouTube

You can find more about how to use this tool box from the video above. So get a IFIXT tool box for yourself and get to work. 


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