3 Dec 2016


Facebook Working On "Express Wi-Fi" For Better Connectivity

It was just earlier this year, that Facebook had tried out FreeBasics in India but got sued by the TRAI for violating certain regulations. The accusations made involved biased costing system where certain users got access to FreeBasics more or less costlier than others. TRAI had gone to the Supreme Court and won the legal battle against Facebook and got them to stop FreeBasics in India. After that, lately Facebook has been working using Drones to improve the connectivity.

But now Facebook is set with "Express-Wifi" to get its lost dignity back in India. Express Wi-fi aims at serving Internet connectivity to under developed areas in India. They are planning to work with Carriers, Internet service providers and local entrepreneurs to get this service kick started. The internet.org website of Facebook said that "It will be expanding to other regions soon.." which suggests that almost all the rural areas in India will be getting this service. But when asked about the particular areas they were planning to do this, Facebook refused to point out the exact locations and regions.

Facebook did not mention if the "Express-Wifi" will be providing limited access like FreeBasics or will it be providing full access.  Reports says that this service can be made use of by means of Digital vouchers. In the Press Release, the spokesperson said “We focus on building a sustainable economic model for all stakeholders involved, so that local retailer entrepreneurs, ISPs, operators and Facebook can continue to invest in and operate lasting connectivity. We believe a sustainable economic model is the one which can scale to bring all of India online,”

India had been a very active region for Facebook in terms of Monthly active users. USA and Canada is where their revenue come from mostly but India and China had been topping the users list. That is the very reason why Facebook is now desperately into Indian Market.