6 Dec 2016


HTC To Release New Vive 2 VR Headset In 2017

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Source: HTC Gaming

Latest reports suggests that HTC is all set to launch their second VR headset, the Vive 2, in the first quarter of January. The Taiwanese Electronics company had been working on it after their first successful VR headset. Although there is no official confirmations about the date of release, NeuroGadget reports that the new Vive 2 will have excellent features and functionalities.

Most of the hype being created for the Vive 2 is for its new design and improved hardware specifications. According to an HTC personnel, Rikard Steiber, the new VR headset will be providing the customers with better perfomance and innovative design. Windows Reports reported Steiber saying that this will be considered as year one as far as VR experience is concerned, He also added that considering the amount of innovation and players going into space, the innovations HTC will be making in future related to VR will be annual.

Above all these, the HTC Vive 2 is rumored to have a 4K resolution display which will provide the users with vibrant and sharp images.

Reports also says that HTC has partnered with a start-up named TPCast and have made a prototype of a new VR headset. This prototype will be wireless as this model will be using Wi-Fi to get connected instead of HDMI cable.

The HTC Vive 2 is also expected to launch with a room scale technology. This technology eases up the getting connected process a lot more easier. Another report from Techradar says that the new HTC Vive 2 will be called as HTC Oasis.