3 Feb 2017


5 Trending Online Proofreader Tools For Quality Writing

5 Trending Online Proofreader Tools For Quality Writing
I have always discussed how your blog or website content plays a great role in attracting readers. Being a blogger, I feel the pressure of maintaining the quality of my content. As said “Never compromise with the quality of your content”, it becomes our duty to put an extra effort while writing and proof reading. In this article, we will be focusing on the importance of Proofread for blogs and website content. We often forget or overlook to proofread our blogs but we don't realize this is how we are compromising the quality of our work.

Following are the tips you must follow while proofreading your content:
  •    Proofreading your blogs/ website ensures that your content is error free and  rich.
  •    Proofreading ensures you to correct all sorts of grammatical errors in your  writing. In case you remember something, you can add it later.
  •    Always take break after finishing your writing and before proofreading it.
  •    Proofreading works best in calm and composed surrounding where you are  allowed to focus on your content.
  •    Always take help from Online Proofreader Tools.

Online Proofreader Tools are of great help to eliminate the errors in your writing work.

Following are mentioned some great tools you must use for error free writing:


Grammarly is the ultimate Proofreader tool to find errors in your writing. It shows the errors in the form of spelling and grammar and allows you to replace the error with the correct words suggested by it. You can either upload your content file or just copy paste the entire article from your document to Grammarly. It also comes with web browser extension to make it easy for the writers to Proofread online.

Polishmywriting is more enhanced tool as it segregates the suggestion or error using 3 different colours I.e., Red, Blue and Green. Red colour indicates spelling mistakes, Blue colour signifies style suggestions and Green is for grammatical mistakes. Besides, the active passive suggestion feature is cool and really helps.

Ginger is also a proofreading tool but what makes it different from others is that it locate “article error” (a, an, the) in your writing. Ginger has got extension too for quick proofreading.

Slick Write

Slick write is more professional tool than any other mentioned tool above. It is capable to analyze to entire writing work in detail with filler words, phrases, adverbs, unique words, preposition etc. Slick write can certainly help you in monitoring the level of your writing.


PaperRater is more like Slick write but some features like checking Article title , Overall rating of your work like style, word choice and vocabulary etc makes it a better proofreader tool.


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