3 Sept 2016


How To Become Rich In India

The Only thing you need to become Rich is your Strong Will, Determination to become Rich - thats it nothing less nothing more.
Now to fulfill your will you can choose or get expert views based on your expertise, interest. Always Remember Money is always the by-product of your work, your efforts, your vision and of your goal.

Enough motivation, let me suggest few things which are very very prevalent currently in India -
1. Startup - Take a genuine problem, make business plan out of it, test a small model of it and just start working on it day and night, you will slowly get customers once you reach to a threshold of your hardwork - You will be paid for your sincere efforts via either big company will aquire it or your business will generate enough revenue to tag yourself as RICH.
   Here are Few Guys who became Rich by their startups - 

2. If you are decisive and highly risk taking person play with Stock Market , Invest money in it, take risk re-invest, you might loose all but keep hope and be patient your hard work will be paid off.

3. Play Land buy-sell game - Or enter into Real estate business, you will earn a lot in small duration of time.

4. If you like politics - just jump into in you will be Rich - You will earn by many sources - no need to tell here.

5. If you believe or have real spiritual touch - Then be a spiritual leader they are the most favorite lovable people for Indians, of-course money will be behind you always. If your intentions are True, If you believe in Spirituality  then you will surely succeed here to be Rich.

6. In India celebrities are most richest people - however it is very difficult to be one either Cricketer or TV Actor or Film Actor but definitely you can truely feel the power of money there.

7. Save and Investment - Investment is key to be rich, Always focus on saving and invest it wisely your will surely be super rich, this is what Warren Buffett quoted

Lets hear more from Him On Ways to Become Rich -

There are many many ways to be rich in India only thing you need is sincere determination to target a achievable generous task not money. Excel yourself in anything you will be Rich.