4 Sept 2016


Ola Fired 250 Employees more after TaxiForSure closure

After closing Taxi For Sure business Ola has fired 250 to 300 employees. This came down due to non-performance of the employees as stated by Company Spokesperson. As per report from Economic Times Ola has cited reasons for layoff as Performance across segments.

Here is the exact Quote from Ola Spokesperson -

“An annual attrition of three to four percent is a natural churn that is witnessed in the current industry scenario. This includes performance driven exits, contract roles as well as a few surfacing from constant business realignment. These have been well thought through organisational decisions, keeping in mind the best interests of employees and business efficiencies. At the same time, we continue to hire the best of talent from across the country with over 300 open positions currently, to strengthen our 6,000+ strong team in 102 cities, pan-India.”

This is clearly due to rising of rival Uber in Indian market. Uber is aggressively competing with Ola and has enough money however Ola like any-other e-commerce companies, is struggling to raise further rounds of investment.

Our Views on Layoff 
 We think firing are not in accordance with what Ola claimed i.e. If you are firing an employee with tag of non-performer then you are risking his/her career  further. In first place itself you made a mistake to hire them if they are declared under-performer with in a span of one year or two, they could have been given different tasks and could have been absorbed in different teams, or better they would have been silently fired without tagging them as Under Performer. You are hiring first since you had huge fund and now firing since you don’t have money and blaming their performance is not at all good.

Not Ola, recently Flipkart has also fired, Snapdeal, TinyOwel, Groffers, Roadrunner, Zomato almost all the Indian Startups which could not raise further round of funding  shown the real face. Indian private sector took so much of time to establish, people got confidence in private sector after much anticipation, it needs strong ground of ethics to keep intact. Events like these downs the moral of your generations, people already working in organization and other sectors to take risk to join and innovate.