30 Sept 2016


Pakistani Media Reaction about Indian Army's Surgical Strike

From the Morning I was trying to get essence what Pak Media is Showing after Surgical Attack, here are main headlines from the top newspapers -

  1. Pakistan Government is not accepting at all that there was a Army Strike.
  2. Indian Government had pressure from AVAM so they are propagating false news to calm down the India People.
  3. India can not or do not have power to cross the LOC, how can they cross LOC and strike to terrorist group, there will be severe effect of that - JUNG KO NYOTA DE RAHE HE.
  4. In short, Pak Media houses are acting as spokesperson of government to combat Indian Celebration of Victory, on twitter, social media. One of Speaker on a Debate said Indians have forgotten their constitution for peace and harmoeny..lolz..
  5. Pak Media persons showing that they have visited the area where strike operated however there is no sign of attack, we lost our two soldiers during Indian Cease Fire violations thats it.

Pakistan Government and Media houses along with Army denying of any Strike as such, however India Did that  Surgical Strikes: India reacts to Uri attacks. Salute to Indian Army.