24 Oct 2016


5 Best tourist spots in Chennai

5 Best tourist spots in Chennai
Chennai may not be very popular when it comes to world class tourist attractions but Chennai has got some really exotic cultural spots which certainly attracts the person visiting places in Chennai.
Here are some really nice places in Chennai which is really worth visiting:

1.   Mylapore

The place is full of cultural historic places that includes the famous 17th century Kapaleeshwarar Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva , serene Ramakrishna Mutt Temple and neo-Gothic style San Thome Cathedral. Mylapore is well known as the soul of the city and predominated by Brahmins. Mylapore is neighbourhood region of Chennai and counted as one of the oldest residential parts of the city.

2.   Marina Beach

You may not know this but yes Marina beach is the longest (13 kilometres) urban beach in India stretches from Fort Saint George. Like other beaches it also has amusement rides and food stalls and the sunset view are simply amazing. Besides, you will find number of monuments and statues dotted around the beach. There is a lighthouse at the southern end that is itself a centre of attraction. People visit here in thousands daily and hangout with their family and friends. The only disadvantage of this place is that you are not allowed to swim and bath on the beach just because of strong currents.

3.    Fort Saint George

Fort saint George was constructed by British East India Company in 1653. Now, it has been turned into Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly and Secretariat. It also consists of Fort Museum and Saint Mary's Church – one of the oldest British made churches. The popular attractions are the paintings, military assets and artifacts from the British period.

4. The Turtle Walk

This place is literally exotic and one of the best places in Chennai. If you love animals then this place would be perfect for you. The place is a breeding area for the endangered olive Ridley turtle. In order to increase the survival of these exotic turtles the Students Sea Turtle Conservation Network (SSTCN) took the initiative to save these animals. They usually organize walks on Friday and Saturday in order to collect the eggs and preserve them to a hatchery. The walk takes place between Neelangarai beach to Besant Nagar beach.

5.   Cholamandal Artists’ Village

For all you art and culture lovers , this place is just established for you only.  It was founded in 1966 in Injambakkam village on the southern outskirts of Chennai. Cholamandal Artists’ Village is India's largest artists' commune. The best thing about this place is that it was self aided not taken any support from the government.  They have their own land and and even constructed by themselves only. They have theatres, studios, gallery , workshop and houses. You will be flatted once you entered this place. The collection of paintings,artistic work and the sculptures are mind blowing.