24 Oct 2016



                            Yoga in sinusitis

Yogas for the old maa , I aint doing it. One wont be surprised when one hears a teenager say these words out loud. Well , its time this absurd convention needs to be stopped. One of the most common illness, sinusitis, can be very well cured with this magical exercise. Heres how-
Most of the yoga techniques, like kapalbhaarti, aalo-vilom , have a basic functioning mechanism, which essentially target ones airway. The focused inspirational and expirational efforts drives out the bacterial load in your sinuses which is the original cause of sinusitis.
The various aasnas practiced in yoga too, have quite a significance in relief of the sinus tension. Most of the aasnas focus on manipulating the bodys position in such a way that all the fluid in the sinus causing sinusitis is drained out via the nose, by gravity. Thats how yoga works, simple! Isnt it?
Conventions discipline a man to, sort of, * Live by the rules *. It is the need of the hour that these conventions are broken. Like yoga being a practice of the old, there are other apparent conventions which need to be now molded. One of them being, yoga is an exercise for mental health only. That statement holds truth in its entire existence except just that last word. Yoga essentially does provide significant mental health, but thats not just about it. Theres a lot more to it. Sinusitis is one of the common conditions on which yoga has been reinforced and effectively proven its worth , amongst the other innumerable non-mental health benefits. It has now been advocated globally to practice yoga, under second line medical therapy. With the advent of antibiotic resistance, a lot many patients are found today, who dont respond to antibiotics and their sinusitis seems to be just incurable. For such resistant patients and for cancelling the development of this unfortunate resistance, yoga has primely been reinforced in the western countries too. Learning from Indians, the world has now known the benefits of this unmatched exercise and has started exploiting it to the fullest.
Some commonly advocated yoga aasans are

  •      The Plow pose

  •      The Bow pose

  •      -The Headstand

  •         -The Bridge pose

  •         -The Camel pose

All these aasnas basically improve the drainage of the sinusitic fluid and relieve one of pain. The practitioner himself experiences betterment of the excruciating pain and breathing efficiency too. Plus given the ease it has, there shall soon come a day when yoga will become the pioneer of treatment of minor medical ailments. Kids would no longer refer to it as an exercise of the aged. Indian methodology of treatment will soon gain prime importance in medical field, on a global level.