4 Oct 2016


5 Body Tricks That Makes Your Life Easier

5 Body Tricks That Makes Your Life Easier

1.   Become an early sleeper

Once Benjamin Franklin said, “Early to bed early to rise makes the person healthy, wealthy and wise”. This statement can solve all your sleeping problem provided you don’t mess up with your sleeping schedule which leads to many diseases. Wake up early in the morning with healthy thoughts and sleep exactly before 12 in the night. It really works!!

   2. Handling Brain freeze

Many a times you find your brain jammed when you try to eat something really cold. It’s natural and happens with everybody. When the cold food goes inside the mouth, it happens to touch the delicate palette towards the back of the mouth and this is exactly when it happens. Brain freeze is caused due to the nerve response that is Cold food in this case. In order to tackle this thing, you need to warm up your palette with the help of your tongue by moving against the top of your mouth.

 3. Say Bye Bye to Acid Reflux

Acid Reflux is a common phenomenon happens normally to every human body due to one or the other reason. But there are some basic reasons like sleeping on your right side causes Acid reflux. Here, you know what’s causing Acid reflux in your stomach so it’s advisable to sleep on your right side that keeps your stomach lower than your esophagus. Try this scientifically proven method and say bye bye to Acid Reflux.

4. “Blue” Saves You From Sleeping

You want to stay awake longer in nights but you don’t know how. Sometimes even coffee and tea is not helping so, what is the alternate we have?
Blue!  Yes, the answer is Blue light which is very effective in keeping yourself awake.  So, go for Blue and stay awake for a longer duration.

5. Handling The Yawning Situation In Public

Yawning is a natural process though it might put you in the embarrassing situation. Yawning in public represents that you are not paying attention to the people or disrespecting them.
But you need not to worry as there is a solution to every bad habit and this habit can change your yawning habit forever. Whenever you feel like yawning and you are in somewhere very important place with people around you just try to touch the tip of your tongue and this is how you save yourself from the embarrassing situation.