5 Oct 2016


Marital Rape - Is it a Crime or a Conjugal Right?

Uhmmm... That would be exactly how people would react to such a sensitive topic. India is a nation where openly using the words such as sex, menstruation, gay, lesbian or rape and many more is not prevalent. All such works cannot be said loud; you can only hush, murmur, whisper or not even say these words in public gatherings. In a country where public attitude towards sex are typically very conservative, marriage provides a socially sanctioned outlet for their sexual energy.

Why so?

Traditional beliefs, our bringing and still following the norms of the times when crime rate was low, population was limited and India was an ideal nation. But times have changed; we no more are living in a safe world. We need to speak up and discuss such stuff openly so that every citizen is aware about the crime against all.

Coming onto the topic, we should realize such a fundamental concept: that no means no and rape is rape. I think it's because rape, sadly, is still a very fluid claim. "She was drunk," they say. "She teased him," say others. There are so many reasons and excuses and gray areas that pull the victim into the blame category and it all creates an awful place where facts go to die.

What it Marital Rape ?

Marital rape in layman’s language means rape committed by the person to whom the victim is married. According to Hindu mythology, marriage is a sacred act implying a union, that is, one body and one soul and hence the husband has full right over his wife.

If we look at the issue practically then marital rape refers to an unwanted or forced intercourse by a husband with his wife or through any physical violence due to which she is unable to give consent and since there is a use of force and absence of free consent, it would amount to marital rape. Marriage for Indians is the idea of “coverture”, that the woman is always under the husband’s protection and authority.

A man is never considered guilty of raping his lawful wife “for by their mutual matrimonial consent and contract, the wife hath given herself up in this kind unto her husband whom she cannot retract.”

The issue of marital rape is largely neglected in many nations including India. Patriarchal domination of the society has come up time and again and has granted to the husbands exemption in cases of marital rape basing on the assumption that the wife has given herself to the husband through the contract of marriage. 

Marital Rape Law Issue In India 
In India, marriage is often regarded as a license to have sex; and that’s not entirely in jest. "I’m married," a woman might think, but she only said “yes” to marriage but when she said no for something she meant it and as soon he forced himself on her, it became rape. Despite this, it is expected of the wife that she remains silent and continues with the marriage. The worst disadvantage being the woman is compelled to live with the husband, the rapist himself.

In spite of the present situation where marital rape is given little attention by the legal fraternity, it is a serious offence which in-dignifies a woman. Hence, there lies an urgent need to bring about substantial changes with regard to the laws relating to sexual offences.


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Please read this http://girlscanbebridestoo.blogspot.in/2016/05/the-myth-of-marital-rape-and-how-media.html?m=1

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The myth of ' MARITAL RAPE ' and how media / feminists wants you to believe for their vested AGENDA

1. The first myth :: IPC 375/376 legalises ' MARITAL RAPE ' :: Absolutely no , its a blatant lie by stooges of #feminism . Just Google the IPC 375/376 and check MARITAL exception clause . It states , " Sexual intercourse by a man with his wife above 15 years is not RAPE " .It clearly mentioned as normal sexual intercourse , not FORCEFUL ! , hence its marital sex ( not marital rape ) . Note :: Age of consent is been kept at 15 to coincide it with religious sharia laws which allows marriage upon PUBERTY

2. Myth :: Surprise sex :: RAPE ! .
Absolutely NO !! . In India arranged marriages are very common and often random unknown boys / girls are married to each other .Their parents consent first , followed by partners CONSENT at the marriage altar . So on first night of marriage , if groom INCITES the reluctant bride , its a SURPRISE SEX , not rape . Bride though uncomfortable initially , facilitates it later with increased STIMULAI , the bride surrenders willfully . Its NATURAL and how the HETERO SEXUALITY works ! . Often Groom finds out bride is not virgin ( absence of hymen ) , this not addressed and victimises / traumatises man which is fraud / cheating of first kind . More often husbands go threw depression . Feminists are silent on this , calling it as ' empowered ' kind

3. Media says every 2 in 3 married girls r forced in a marriage !! Isnt it a joke !? Or does that mean 80 percent of indian population is born out of ' rapists'!?. Its a sick and absurd propaganda by feminists , exaggerating the myths to spread #misandry.

4. Another propaganda , consent is needed even for married couples . Again a illogical argument , as marriage equals consent , and no couple ( married or unmarried) sign the CONSENT FORMS before every sexual activity . The peeping tom kind of feminists now actively into vigilantism , want to peep in bedroom and assume whats happening ! . Why bother other partners or don't they trust their husbands itself ?! , then why the hell they got married!? . Wife can simply walk out in case of any violence , nobody can force her to stay with husband and get abused . Get divorced and do not ask alimony , earn yourself

5. One of the biggest reason for drafting ' marital rape ' bill will b the privilege for a wife to commit adultery . With such laws she can easily deny sex to husband , and stray with her boyfriend . If husband objects , he will be threatened with 'MARITAL RAPE ' FIR .

I hope real men and women realise this deep infestations and save the family system from devastation creating social chaos

#MaritalRape #feminism