29 Oct 2016


7 Desi Wonders You Will Find Only In India

7 Desi Wonders You Will Find Only In India

By saying wonders I am not exactly talking about the monuments, it is basically the wonderful and amazing people of India who consider themselves no less than Smart ones. Indian people are stubborn people as they don’t give up easily they find one or the other way to get their work completely done. But doesn’t mean that it has to be done in the manner as it should be, “Jugaad” is something Indians have been using it since ages, it’s basically the alternate method to solve the situation.

Now it’s time to meet the 7 wonders or say Jugaad of India:

Digital India- People were so much impressed by digital India initiative that they end up building facebook Temple for Gods. Hilarious isn’t it?

Craziest Diwali Ever- Seems like someone needs more cracker blast this Diwali. You better don’t try this at home…Anyway,  Happy Diwali!!!

“If you are good at something do it engineer” – This Chaatwala must have taken these lines very seriously.

Heights of Dedication: Indian students are literally crazy when it comes to preparation for exams...Anyways it a scene from one night before the exams.

BFF! ….Have you ever seen this kind of bonding anywhere else in the world except India? …I bet you won’t.

A girl on a Skates board… When you have a common destination and Rickshawala becomes your Ally… Amazing Indian Woman..HAHAHA!  

2 in 1 …. Why to carry one passenger when you have “Jugaad” for making room for another… Hats off to this Guy!!