30 Oct 2016


The Afterlife After Diabetes


Don’t you dare be even seen around sweets anymore! Imagine hearing that for the rest of your life! Not just hearing, implying it too. Once diagnosed as a diabetic, one usually loses majority of his incentive, of LIVING! So many restrictions about food, one feels nothing but helpless and a large number of times , people lose hope too. Those antidiabetic drugs eventually become a headache, to maintain compliance. Negativity is all that dictates one’s life. To guide some optimism to see the light of day, here are some reinforcements one should be encouraging!

   Ø Healthy food choices 

     Choosing what to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat! These three parameters basically revolve around your good food habits. Having said that, it’s not just a need of the diabetics, but also of the healthy population. The dinner plate should compulsorily involve a salad or a non starchy vegetable like broccoli. Rice should be avoided and a moderate proteinaceous diet should be encouraged at bed time. Loads of water ( not
post meal or right before sleeping ) should be consumed and sweets during the bed time should be discouraged.


  Ø Get rid of those tyres

     Weight is a bad prognostic factor for diabetes and the earlier you lose those humps, the better it is for your improvement!


  Ø Exercise a bit more often! 

      It won’t hurt a lot to invest half an hour everyday to burn those calories down. Exercise not only helps you lose weight but also increases insulin secretion in your blood, thus decreasing the severity of diabetes.


  Ø Timely medications! 

     One thing you should NEVER do , when diagnosed as a diabetic, is mistime your medicine consumption. Anti diabetic medicines are meant to lower your blood glucose. They’re usually taken after one’s meal when the blood glucose increases and thus the medicine effectively lowers the much elevated blood sugar. If the drug is taken when there is already no sugar circulating in your blood, the existing minute reservoir of sugar too is degraded and the body is left SUGARLESS! This condition can be highly fatal and can present from a shock, to an unconscious state, which if untreated correctly and immediately, may lead to death.


  Ø Don’t miss those appointments! 

     The doctor calls you for evaluating your progress , after your medications. The timing is important because the doc can make an assumption about your disease betterment and thus can increase or lower your medical dose. An interruption in the appointment may interfere with the doctor’s judgement of the disease prognosis


  Ø Treat yourself! 

     Get a diabetic cook book, learn cooking those sugar-free delicious meals for yourself! Allow yourself a treat every once in a while. This will help you stay in track in your healthy lifestyle and enjoy it too!


Eat right, do your squats, read your books!  

This could be the shortest elicitable mantra for a healthy diabetic life. With compliant family support and integral core strength, one can change this apparent * living hell * to a place of healthy livelihood!