8 Oct 2016


Fitness Funda – Yoga or Gym?

Fitness Funda – Yoga or Gym?

When it comes to fitness you don’t want to compromise with your workout methods. People try every method to maintain themselves in a good shape. People now a days tend to become more health conscious and they really care about their looks and fitness. Talking about the methods they choose, people either go for traditional Yoga method or visit gym near their houses.

Let’s discuss which method is more effective and beneficial for the human body.


Yoga have always been considered as the best method to keep your body fit mentally and physically. Not only in India, almost every nation around the world is taking benefit from the Yoga practice.  There are various health related benefits that you can avail using Yoga methods . 

Some health related benefits are :

  • ·       It helps in strengthening your muscular system.

  • ·       It helps in increasing the flexibility of your body.

  • ·       Unlike Gym you don’t need to spend lots of money on heavy equipment and gym trainers. All you need is little space where you can practice yoga. If possible, try to practice in the park or garden.

  • ·       Yoga refreshes your mind and makes you feel energetic.

  • ·       Yoga helps in eliminating fatigue from your body system.

  • ·       Yoga is itself a full package that ensures you remain healthy not only physically and mentally but also spiritually.

  • ·       Last but not the least, yoga doesn’t push you to take excessive protein like gym users.

  Gym Workout

Gym may be considered as the quickest mode of getting in shape. Unlike Yoga you require good space, heavy equipment and professional trainer.

There are several benefits you can avail in gym too. Below are some benefits of gym:

  • ·       Modern gym equipment is too advanced to match your fitness and exercise requirement.

  • ·       Professional gym instructors guide to perform the gym activities in the proper manner.

  • ·       Athletes, Sportsmen, Office going people usually prefer Gym as it is more compatible with their schedules and fitness requirement.

Now it’s totally up to you what method you want to choose. Both the methods are effective and worth trying provided you are actually committed to your workout schedule.