7 Oct 2016


Brilliant SEO Tools#1

How evidently unknown start-ups grow to be renowned? Your answer should be- massive team. That’s not always the case. Here, SEO tools can be the answer. It seems to be an expensive affair. Well, it doesn’t have to be. It should affect your site and reputation not your pocket. Any start-up with right SEO involved, could accomplish the desired. Find below the tool, attract audience, evaluate and use it to surge your website with extremely profitable traffic. 

Keyword Tool Pro #top substitute to Google Keyword Planner-

Yes, It will do keyword brainstorming. Use free version of Keyword Tool and generate up to 750+ long-tail keywords. Don’t worry about making a new account at Keyword Tool Pro as it works without creating it. Else you can waste your time by compiling the list of extremely competitive keywords and get to know the keywords you found are hard to rank for.

Use it for competitive keyword analysis. Type a key phrase you want to look for in the search box, select a country, select the language in the box and get the ball rolling. It has 2 paid features as well. 1. Keyword Tool Pro 2. API access –Get up to 2x more results with them.

Keyword Tips:
1. Do not target single keywords. Always target on keyword phrases.
2. Pick and analyse before using it.
3. Pick the keywords focusing on relevancy, traffic and lead generation.
4. Search engine give weight to the first 200 word. So, it is important to make sure that keywords are     used proportionately at the top and throughout the page.
5. Do not use too many keyword tools. Instead, stick with the effective ones.
6. Shorter key phrases are generally searched for more often. So, try and make it short.

Don’t just depend on Google Suggest for your keywords and start doing your homework yourself!! Go, catch and design.