7 Oct 2016


Planys Technologies- Where R&D Takes The Driving Seat

When a bunch of robotics enthusiast IITian’s work with the experts of their field what comes out of the closet is Planys Technologies- designing ‘ROVer’ of a different kind. The only start-up of its kind Planys is the first and currently the only Original Equipment Manufacturer(OEM) of ROV’s in Indian subcontinent.

All About Planys Technologies
Planys brings world class technology and cutting-edge innovations in underwater robotics and diagnostics in the shallow-mid depth segment. It designs and manufactures compact remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) & provides underwater robotic inspection and survey services. Planys's technology spans the domains of marine robotics, advanced Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), and post-inspection analysis tools. It provides services in different domains such as Subsea Video & Photographic Mapping, Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement, Corrosion Protection Inspection, Visual inspection, Technical & Scientific Reporting, Sampling & Survey.
Mike-Product of Planys R&D
MIKE is an electric remotely operated submersible vehicle specifically built for robust and calibrated visual inspection of offshore immersed structures. Classified under the observation class of ROVs, MIKE has the capability of reaching 100m depth, 6 degree of freedom control and unlimited endurance. Multiple on-board HD cameras with high intensity LED illumination provide live, clear and stable visual feedback to ROV pilot & surveyor. A exclusively developed advanced navigation and active control algorithms are tailored for live video and photo recordings under wave action and ocean currents. The design allows for control station to be positioned at a safe on-shore/on-ship site and rapid assembly and operation at field conditions

Planys was one among the top five finalist from India in the MIS 2015- DP World prize (Maritime India Summit). According to Ministry of Shipping, 95% of India’s trading by volume and 70% by value is done through maritime transport and thus the demand and value of underwater vehicle which are programmable robotic devices is increasing two folds. So Planys is not far away to become a world leading provider of customizable automated inspection solutions for onshore and offshore submerged structures.