13 Nov 2016


5 Best Ways to Maximize the Traffic on Your Blog Using SEO Tool

5 Best Ways to Maximize the Traffic on Your Blog Using SEO Tool

From the bloggers point of view there are number of things he is very concerned about.  But the prime concern of any blogger is increasing traffic on his blog. Larger the traffic on the blog bigger the amount the blogger earns.  But generating traffic is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires several techniques and methods that the blog has to follow in order to attract the readers. And SEO is the most effective tool that helps the bloggers in maximizing the traffic on their blogging sites. But SEO is a very complex tool and it keeps on updating so it is required to understand the concepts of SEO.
Here are some SEO techniques that can help you in building a greater audience for your blog:

Create Quality Content for the Audience

SEO has undergone several changes in the recent period. Like, SEO used to be search engine oriented in the beginning but later it shifted the focus on the users. So you need to focus on the quality of the content rather than thinking about keyword research. Better quality contents tend to achieve the higher rank on SERPs. However, it is recommended to write a well analyzed long form of content as it automatically engages the reader for a long time to spend time on the blog. Long tail keywords are an advantage here and it leads to maximize the traffic on your blog.

Embedded Media is Useful

 Attach media with your blog and you will see the favorable changes on your blog. You can use various media like YouTube videos which is widely used as an embedded in the blogs and you can also attach audio in your blog. Even a short audio or video clip is helpful in reducing the bounce rate. This method can even help your blog in becoming the engaging site.

Emphasize On Updating Content

Nobody likes to read the older content and that is the reality bloggers must accept. Neither Google nor readers tolerate sticking to the same old content. The fresh content is demanding and tends to build more traffic for your blog. So, it is advised to constantly updating your blog with fresh content. Most of the time the reader watches the published date of the blog post before picking it up for reading. Change is necessary!!

Avoid Using Lengthy Permalink

A descent and short length permalink (URL) is easily readable to the readers. Google and readers both prefer short permalink rather than using junky URL’s. One thing is worth noticing that Google avoids lengthy and junky URL’s on SERP’s. On the contrary, shorter URL indicates the idea of your entire blog. Besides it can be memorized and used for social media sharing.

Make It Easy For the Mobile Users

People don’t carry laptop every time but they do carry Smartphone. Considering this fact Google is making everything mobile friendly. So it is advisable to make changes with your blog layout, theme and design so that it can become mobile friendly and reaches to larger number people. If you are planning to keep up with same design then Google may hit you with penalty.