29 Nov 2016


iPhone to Celebrate 10th Anniversary With The Best Model Ever

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Source: silktide.com
That's right. Apple is planning to launch iPhone 8 on its 10th Anniversary with the best innovation ever. To be more specific let us check out what the Korean Economic Daily has written about it. They posted that  Apple has joined hands with LG Innotek to develop 3D smartphone camera which will enable 3D photography using dual lenses. How much more cooler can smartphone photography get? By the way, LG Innotek is the exclusive dual lense supplier for Apple since they have introduced that feature in the iPhone 7 Plus.

iPhone has always been highlighted when it comes to camera and its quality. In order to make it even more special, they had introduced dual lenses in iPhone 7 Plus. A bit late, one might say, since so many other smartphone giants had already done it before. For this very reason, iPhone 7, which didn't have the dual lenses, had a bad time in the review market since many critics had marked it "Bad at innovative ideas". And that might be the very reason which triggered Apple to think of this idea. 

This idea had been in Apple since 2013 November. As a follow up, they also had acquired a 3D sensor startup named PrimeSense. And again as a follow up for this, they acquired LinX, from Israel, adopting its 3D camera technology. In 2016 May, Apple had filed a patent for 3D camera technology. This created rumors that they would introduce 3D camera for iPhone 7 itself, which did not happen. After this in August, they had filed another patent, this time for 3D multispectral imaging and scanning projectors for 3D mapping. The rumors had gone strong about iPhone 7 having 3D camera but as per present reports, it looks like they are set to add the feature in their next release, the iPhone 8.

There are other rumors about more innovative ideas which is connected to the iPhone 8. These suggests that the company has realized the need of stepping up the notch to get back in the main game since they were starting to be grouped among the "Less Innovative" phones. Of course, to bitter up the competition, Samsung is also getting ready in the green room with the new Galaxy S8 with dual lenses and no home button. We'll have to wait for both of their release to see who wins the race.