6 Nov 2016


Diet During The Festival Times


The sad picture!
We'll are very well acquainted with the kind of diet changes that we reinforce whenever the calender hits a festival date. From those oily chaklis in Diwali to those sweet puranpoli in holi, Indian tradition of festivals have undoubtedly a large spectrum of palate varieties to offer. 


Although the festivals come as good news to most of us, some of us have a tough time controlling our taste buds and tend to kind of, go with the flow. This is a problem, majorly for certain risk groups like hypertensives, diabetics, etc. Thus, there turns up a need, to curtail these cravings, both for the risk groups and even for the general population. Here's a bunch of alternatives you can imply to help prevent these sweet monsters over take over your health.

-      Substitute!
     Festivals like Diwali have loads of sweets to offer which are rich in calories as they're basically derived from sugar, ghee, etc. Try and minimize these components as much as you can. Sugar can be replaced with sugar free residues which do not cause much alteration to the taste. Ghee can be minimised as much as possible. Remember, every single gram of fat counts!

-      Keep a conscious approach 
     Avoid over eating : invariably it is noticed that the foods consumed during the festive seasons have no Barre to their consumption and one tends to over look the amount of sweets one consumes, because let's face it , who doesn't like sweets? Well a conscious effort needs to be made at this stage to prevent excess consumption of  any type of sweet given the price at which this temporary pleasure comes at.

-      Excess fluids! 
     Drink as much of water as you can. This not only dilutes the acid in your stomach, thus reflexly inhibiting the hunger vibes, physically it also gives one a sense of  fullness in the tummy. Consequently , one tends to eat less. This is one reverse method to prevent excess sweet consumption.


-      Make the plates smaller! 
     Sounds silly, but this simple gesture can psychologically challenge your mind that whatever you will be having, is just going to be restricted to this plate and nothing more to it. That way, you eat slowly, digestive every nibble you chew on, thus effectively filling your stomach rather earlier.

-      Serve supplementary dishes too. While serving, don't just place sweets and mithai on your plate, also make sure there are extra supplements like nuts, etc present on the plate. One needs to resist the craving to eat sweets when served in front of them. In case it becomes impossible to resist, that is when one targets the supplementary nuts, thus effectively decreasing sweet consumption.


At the end of the day, it's the consumer’s call, what kind of a life he expects down the line and how does he act accordingly in such situations. These interventions just help the individual reach his target of no sweets, but at the end of the day it's his will power only that makes a difference.