16 Nov 2016


Know About Common Childhood Diseases Which Are Very Common

Kids when diseased can be real pain the back and I doubt if there would be any parent who would refuse ,agreeing to this dictum. The most troublesome feature about kids is that they won’t do anything but cry.  These poor little angels have no idea what’s happening to them and the only way to let the world know there’s something wrong is- to cry.  Ranging from a variety  of conditions , right from the scommon cough, to a deadly viral infection, all these symptoms can be masked by a baby's cry. As a parent, one needs to know the commonly presenting diseases in children and act according to it in their existing times. With that goal in mind, here are some worthy conditions in children everyone should know about:

-         Common cold- No person on earth has ever managed to evade from this simple infection. Not just kids, common cold is also a common encounter in adults. Going by the numbers, if we talk about India, an adult has a bout of common cold once every 20 days! Nothing much for treatment, just some rest and gargling has proved to be a wonderful healer. Antibiotics are usually not encouraged for this simple infection.

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-         Viral infection – the most commonly encountered virus is known as RS virus, the kid presents with cough and cold. Treatment is completely conservative. In case of severe disease, anti viral drugs can be given after hospital admission

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-         Chicken pox – a VERY common disease of the young, chickenpox presents as small dark blisters filled with water. They rupture eventually. The child  usually has mild fever. The  kid is treated by taking rest and giving some medications for fever. Wait and watch stays the mainstay of treatment. An idea called * chicken pox play groups* has turned out to be quite effective too.

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-         Diarrhoea – one of the commonest disease , especially in the paedriatic age group, this disease is generally because of infection of the gut, which itself can be a consequence of consumption of unhygienic food, which is quite a trend in India.

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-         Cough – dry cough too,  is an invariable condition  seen in the paedriatic age group. It usually presents as severe painful coughing with major discomfort. It cannot be left untreated and  common cough medicines which help in clearing the excess  cough, with ease, are prescribed.

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-         Mumps- Another common viral infection seen in children, is a serious condition with high grade fever contributing to a debilitating condition. Prevention is the only treatment and thus immunisation with a vaccine known as MMR ( a trivalent vaccine which secures protection against measles, mumps, rubella ) is mandatory. For this reason itself, has MMR been included in the Universal Immunisation Programme today.

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These are the most commonly encountered childhood diseases . There’s a need today to work against their progression and educating more and more parents about the same. With that intent in mind, the united nations have pt forth the idea of mass education of common childhood diseases on the Universal Children’s Day on the 20 November . With broad communication and social encouragement, can this goal be achieved.