16 Nov 2016


The Nation Wants To Know: ‘How to Convert Black Money into White Money’

The Nation Wants To Know: ‘How to Convert Black Money into White Money’

Demonetization certainly affected the lives of the entire nation no matter you are honest or Black money holder. Since the government banned the 500 and 1000 rupee notes lot many people are looking for help on Google by searching ‘How to convert black money into white money’. And as per the Google search database records Narendra Modi’s  home state Gujarat is found to be on top where people are searching for these questions. In addition to Gujarat several other states are looking for the same and these states are Maharashtra, Haryana, Punjab, and Delhi

The moment Prime minister announced the demonetization of Indian Currency around 86% of the circulated currency became worthless piece of paper. As far as the effects of demonetization is concerned real estate market and stock market has witnessed the hard hitting for this policy.

Google has been intensively used to look for the answers of converting black into white money. According to the prime minister demonetization will certainly curb the black money and the faking of the Indian currency can be prevented. Black money is basically the stash of unregistered and hidden money. Black money holders are keeping this money hidden in order to avoid paying taxes to the government.

Google has shown that one of the prominent regions of Gujarat is searching for money conversion into white. This region is quite popular when we talk about small traders, entrepreneurial spirit and jewelers. Surprisingly, this region is a sort of headquarters of Bharatiya Janata Party. Maharashtra is one the second rank followed by Haryana. But there is one more interesting trend on Google and that works when you search for “how to convert black money,” and the state who got his name on the top of the list is Haryana followed by Gujarat, Punjab and Delhi.

Other popular searches were about knowing the security features of the new currency. The question we discussed were  among the top 5 trending searched topics on Google from India last week.