5 Nov 2016


How To Deal With Explosive Kids


The Picture:
God's angel on earth, kids are one of the happiest and sweetest avatars around us. Their innocence, their smile, everything is nothing but the most adorable gesture and it isn't any wonder these tiny wonders manage to uplift our moods in the most troublesome times too. 
  Well , these angels have their demonic phase too, which leaves parents and all adults around these monsters , surprised. It's difficult to even see these pretty little icons around us become such intolerable rude personalities. Not just hurt, parents are also scared about their kid's tommorow, given the kid's current behaviour. 

The kid gets angry at the tiniest of reasons and exerts a completely different level of rudeness and arrogance not just around his playgroup kids but also against adults. Their arrogance is incompetent and more importantly,questionable as to where is this even coming from ? Ridiculed by the seriousness of the situation, the parents rush to the doctors. Thats when the parents learn their kids are probably a victim of aggresive behaviour. Eager to know what the treatment is, they hurriedly ask the doctor what is to be done. This is what the doctor suggests:

That's probably the only way out, of this horrible childhood disaster. TElling the kid what's right and what's wrong and keeping your maximum level of patience while doing so is the key to efficient counselling. The kid needs to know that his words and his attitude is not right for his age and his situation. 
If there is anything that's not working according to his will, there's still no need to develop this level of anger about it. THe kid needs to be told that not just today, this is the sequelae of life, he/she is always gonna be put in difficult situations which he/she may not really like and entertain but still they need to find their way out, strong and bold. 
THey need to be made understood that aggression will only give some temporary relief , but understanding and finding a calmer way out will teach one a lot of things, including the happiness of being calm and laid back. Aggresion and anger are bad human traits and although almost unfilterable, they render all us humans weak and vulnerable. So even if the anger might reflect one's strength, it is paradoxically one's weakness expressed in that anger blast. Not just that, the kid needs to be told that he probably doesn't want to turn in to a grumpy old man tommorow.
 Explaining the whys and hows and whats of leading a happy social life might make the child turn his anger orientation towards a calm nature.