5 Nov 2016


Why Indian Spices Are A Must In One's Diet!

             Health benefits of Indian spices

Americans might have a more healthier eating lifestyle with all the non-oily, boiled food preparation traditions but one thing they should not have had compromised on , are the spices! The world knows today how necessary a meal full of spices is. India , being the prime source of them, is held in high regards today as a potential exporter of spices. The goody-goody of these Indian spices range from preventing cancer to even curing wounds. This multi factorial uses of these wonder elements of diet has been highly compromised in the nation. Here are a few of these Indian dietary essentials along with the benefits they harbour –

Ø Turmeric- this yellow powdery spice is incorporated in a majority of Indian diet and has a lot many benefits to it. It has been effectively been exploited as a solution to Alzheimer’s disease. It’s anti oxidant function is well utilised to tackle cancer. It also cleans the body toxins, thus decreasing the work load on the liver, and making it’s function easier.

Ø  Hing – another common variant of the Indian spice variety, hing ( asafoetida ) has been established as a promising drug in treatment of asthma. This could be attributed to the comparatively lower rates of asthma cases found in the nation as compared to the other nations in the world! 

Ø Jeera – Cumin seeds are been used in almost every other Indian delicacy and have been proved efficient in relieving gastric pain and cramps as well as diarrhoea. It is also claimed that cumin seeds have a role in boosting the body’s immunity! Besides , it’s use as an iron supplement has been highly exploited today

Ø Ginger- This wonder medicine has managed to prove it’s worth in providing relied to cold as well as cough. It also has shown it’s effectiveness in regulating the blood pressure along with decreasing joint pain and inflammation!

Ø Black pepper- An amazing flavouring agent, black pepper has cured constipation as well as diarrhoea. It also has shown promising reduction in earaches and gangrenous conditions.

Ø Clove – Clove has traditionally being used as an expectorant in Indian vedas and this use is exploited till date. Besides ,it also  harbours plentiful healing properties too.

Ø Dalchini – Cinnamon has since ages, been an effectively used to cut down the blood glucose of diabetics and is often used as a compliment to anti-diabetic drugs

All these wonder constituents have found a place in the Indian diet and has made the globe doubt their decision of not including them in their lifestyles. With a spice-rich diet, a lot many common diseases  can be voided off . The quality of efficacy it harbours has surely made spices, one of the top most factors of Indian health development.