16 Nov 2016


Story Of A Teenage Breakup - How to Deal With It

 Today’s world is not the one of simplicity and ease of life. One more than often finds oneself in times of emotional crunch from where one fails to see a way out and this , just seems to be the end of the world for them. A teenager, for that sake, encounters this situation in his/her life more than the desirable number of times. One of the most important reasons for this emotional turmoil being, a breakup with a friend or even his/her girlfriend or boyfriend. One needs to know that regardless how important these things are in one’s life, they just are a part of one’s life and not the whole of it!

How to Deal With Breakups
Breakups are tough, let’s face it. You don’t see a person, involved in a rather serious relationship put up the biggest of smile on his face after a breakup. One has completely drowned oneself in this tie of two and when this tie draws a line, ends things, one does not find the energy to resurface back and level with the brutal life around.

Dont Blame Yourself - Keep Your Self Respect a High  
One cries in agony every passing night missing their partner. You become restless, you doubt your involvement in the relationship. Am I not good enough? Do I not deserve someone as good as him/her? It seems to be just yesterday when the two of you cuddle bunnies spent time in each other’s arms talking about how great life is gonna be tomorrow with the two of you being by each other’s side, when this misfortunate incidence happens and your entire planned life turns upside down. All those sleepless nights you spend seem to be never ending. You miss your person’s voice’ the way they would look at you, the way you would feel when they’re around you. You feel your misery is never going to end, you’ll be stuck in this phase forever. You know you’ll never get out of it. You, are in for an emotional spin.

Bad Time Will Pass Very Soon - Be Strong
My friend, even if this seems to be a never ending misery, a day will come when you stop doubting your worth into the relationship you had. When you realize it probably wasn’t JUST YOU who was at fault. The phrase, you cannot clap with just one hand starts making more sense than ever. You realize , engulfing yourself in the ocean of self pity and doubt is not going to make you any better. All those times you cribbed about your partner coming back, you realize now they aren’t going to. You realize they probably must have moved on and now its time, you do too. All those lost interests in your life reappear in front of you as fresh new wonderland opportunities and you know, this time you’re gonna seize them. Because you know by the end of it, life is not just about that one person in your life, but there’s a much bigger picture out there you’ve got to see. Proverbs learnt in school strike your conscience with the speed of a bullet and you realize, yes every cloud indeed, has a silver lining.