25 Nov 2016


Top 5 Most Watched YouTube Videos of All the Time

Top 5 Most viewd YouTube Videos of All the Time

That time was long gone when the popularity of any song and video was judged by the number of cassette and CDs sold. Ever since the YouTube is launched the entertainment industry has literally been changed. Now the popularity of any video or song is measured by their number of views on YouTube. Larger the number of views greater will be the popularity of your video. No wonder artists, singers and celebrities switched to YouTube to launch their songs and videos. They have also learned that most of the global audience is exposed to internet these days especially YouTube. Well, receiving a million and billions of YouTube views is not a big deal these days. If you are an eminent star you can always set new records on YouTube. So we made a list of the 5 top watched YouTube videos of all the time. Most of these videos are either video songs or movie trailers. Let’s have a look at the list mentioned below:

    "Gangnam Style"

Gangnam style by Psy was a sensational cult classic released in 2012.  Gangnam style became the first video to touch the mark of billion views and now holds the record of having 2.66 billion views.  This South Korean pop song became so viral that everyone seemed trying the Gangnam dancing movies and even US President Barack Obama couldn’t stop himself from doing that Gangnam move.

    "See You Again"

This Wiz Khalifa music video was a tribute to fast and furious fame Paul Walker who died in a car accident in 2013. The video received 2.09 billion views in 2015 and became the second most watched YouTube of all the time. 

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   "Uptown funk"

'Uptown funk' by Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars is a Grammy award winner song. This official video for "Uptown funk “was released in November 2014. With more than 1.89 billion views it became the third most watched YouTube of all the time. Besides it remained at the top of Singles Chart for seven weeks. This song was listened by 2.34 million in a week in the UK.


"Baby" fame Justin Bieber once again recorded his song in the top list of most watched YouTube videos .This time his song track “Sorry” became top hits of 2015. With 1.88 billion views it became the fourth most watched YouTube of all the time. His Song “Sorry” replaced his own song “Baby” from the YouTube most watched video list. "Baby" was the reason for Bieber's fame and that song received 1.46 billion views on YouTube.

 "Blank Space"

Blank Space by Taylor swift has been watched around 1.8 billion times which made this video the fifth most watched YouTube video of all the time. This video was released in 2014 and described as the best work from Swift's career by Pop Matters. Blank space was the second single on Swift's 1989 album.  It stayed on no. 4 of UK Singles Charts for two weeks. 


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