24 Dec 2016


3 Mantras to Prevent Overspending

3 Mantras to Prevent Overspending

With the advancement of technology more and more consumers prefer internet shopping over tradition window shopping. Undoubtedly, online shopping makes the purchasing easier and faster but at the same time online shopping has also led to uncontrollable overspending of money. As we all know online purchase requires no physical effort and no cash to buy the commodities which gives us the freedom to buy anything anytime anywhere with just one click or one swipe. And also smartphones are also contributing their part to make the purchasing easier through various e commerce applications which also persuades the consumer to buy products online without giving any second thought. It’s all about how you are unable to control yourself from overspending as you can’t resist yourself from easy shopping.

Everything thing has a solution and we have these 3 Effective Mantras for you to follow in order to prevent overspending:

 Make Savings Account Your First Preference
Usually, people deposit their paychecks into checking accounts where their wages are readily available for spending and this is one of the examples of uncontrolled and unplanned spending of money. The remedy to this situation is preferring savings account over checking account and the reason is when you deposit the money into savings account the wages are not immediately available for spending. Once you deposit your paycheck into savings account, you can transfer the budgeted amount into checking account which helps you in preventing overspending.

Say “Yes To Cash” and “No To all Your Debit/Credit Cards”

There is one major advantage of using cash over transaction cards and that it doesn’t allow you to overspend because you can’t carry lots of cash every time , on the other hand credit/debit cards are easy to carry and offers you the freedom to spend freely as much as you can which clearly violates your will to stop overspending.  Cash must be used for routine expenses and it automatically helps you spending your money wisely and in a planned manner. If you are really serious about saving your money try not to use credit/debit until and unless you feel the urgency to use it.

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Always go for “Price Comparison "

Never buy in haste or else you are going to regret later. Why to spend extra money when you get the some product in lesser amount?  Well that’s the question you must ask yourself while purchasing something.
If you are in a market and want to buy some product then don’t stop at one shop and make the purchasing decision as you never what offers/deal waiting for you in the next shops. Simply trying to say is keep looking for different shops, compare the prices and quality and choose the best deal. And I am sure you will end up purchasing the best deal which not only saves your money but also satisfy your purchasing decision. As far as online shopping is concerned you must follow the same mantra, you browse different shopping sites, shortlist the selected products, compare all the shortlisted products and finally go for purchasing action.