23 Dec 2016


5 Less Known Facts about IT Professionals in India

5 Less Known Facts about IT Professionals in India

We all have one friend at least who works as an IT professional in any reputed IT firm. What we usually believe is IT profession is a white collar job with good pay. But the reality differs from what we actually think. I have got some friends who are working as IT professionals in Bangalore and after hearing their story I literally changed my perspective towards these people. We believe IT professionals are the most reputed profession with less effort and that is nothing but a big misconception.

Here are 6 less known facts about IT professionals in India that most of the people are unaware of :

Health Related Issues

IT professionals are constantly working in front of computer screens and sitting on a chair for longer hours in the same posture. What possibly could have happened to them? Is that what you are wondering? Well, their eyes start itching, drying and they end up with baggy eyes and in the severe case they may have to put on glasses. Not only this, their back is also affected due to the bad sitting posture for longer hours and feels difficulty to bend their body.  

Not Everyone Receive Earns 6 Figure Salary per Month

IT professionals seems like they are having lots of fun with their life. They have all the cool things like bikes, Expensive cameras and they go to trips but this doesn’t tell us their salary figures.  Very few lucky people receive the 6 figure salary whereas rest of the employees stuck at the same position with the same amount of salary. And yes, they have to make budget to manage their monthly expenses and future savings.

Discrimination On The Basis Of Region and Language

Well, this thing really surprised me. If you and your boss are from the same place and speak the same tongue, you are likely to receive special favor from your boss , may be in terms of salary hike or promotion. But what about the rest who have been doing the same amount of work and even more than the guy with same place your boss belongs to? Unfortunately they don’t have such luck which is more like injustice done to these people.  IT professionals have to suffer a lot and this situation is enough to understand their pain.

Being a Good Coder Is Not Enough

In other professions, once you’re done with your assignment you are given another assignment but in IT profession, things are quite different. IT is all about coding and even if you are good at coding, coding sucks. And the reason is no matter how nicely you code, it will be sent back for reviews and in case you are handling codes to the client before deadline, they change their coding requirements ...annoying isn’t it?
And then again you have to start coding from the beginning and the process keeps on repeating.

Hectic Working Hours

Suppose you have an 8 hour shift and you are given extra work at the 8th hour which will take extra 2-3 hours to finish, how would you feel then?
You are certainly going to start mad at your boss and feel sorry about your job. Unfortunately, IT professionals have to face these kinds of tortures every day.  And the situation gets worst when you are allotted the night shift to work with US clients that clearly indicates that you have to kill your sleeping hours to keep your job going.