13 Dec 2016


Long Posts on Facebook For Better Reach

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Source: Locowise

Gone are the years when you just had to make a short post to get into more people. But recent studies shows that the length of the post makes a lot of difference in the reach of that post. That means the lengthier the post you make is, the higher reach your post gets. ADWEEK reports that they came to this conclusion after studying 23,000 organic posts they took into consideration from 300 different publishers.

"An ORGANIC POST is any post which does not contain any "boosted" content in it. There are lot of boosting options available on Facebook."

The outcomes of this graph were put into a graph which was made between the number of words in a post and its maximum reach. From the study, it was found that the posts which contained less than 20 words in it, had a reach varying from 0.35-0.45% where as the posts which had more than 20 words had a reach much higher than 0.45%. The fact that the ratio beyond 20 words remained the same suggests that publishers have to make any posts beyond 20 words to get more viewers on their profile.

In the past, we have been believing that the post must be short and catchy to get more views. But since time goes past very quickly, things changed. A study which was made in 2012, where over 20,000 keywords were made to study, the top results contained an average of 2000 words. Thus, now Google gives us a hint that long posts will lead to better SEO and ultimately, better reach.

Generally in Facebook, the posts are prioritized taking into consideration 3 factors- the person who posted it, the content of the post (whether a video, photo, text post etc) and the post activity. It is always important for anyone, especially for business establishments to understand these trends to have a better coverage for their business to a vast crowd. But if someone asks if Facebook mentions the length of the post in its Algorithm, it doesn't. In the recent past, long posts have been getting more views.

Facebook keeps on updating their algorithm so that the users gets the best of the posts in their news feeds. This is very important for keeping the users in tact with facebook since unwanted posts in the news feeds will lead to users leaving facebook for other social networking sites.