13 Dec 2016


Learn How Quora Can be Turned into a Traffic-Driving Machine for Your Website

Learn How Quora Can be Turned into a Traffic-Driving Machine for Your Website

If you are tired of promoting your website or blog on various social networking sites and still not receiving enough traffic. And even if you are receiving the traffic you still don't feel fully satisfied. No doubt Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn have been used as a promotion spot for the website owners and bloggers. There is no denying that Good content is the key to drive more traffic on your website. You have a quality content nobody can resist themselves from reading your content. As far as the social media optimization is concerned Facebook, Instagram, Twitter lacks the quality and verified data. Surprisingly Quora is something you need if you are in search for quality content and more traffic of sensible readers.

Talking about Quora, it has reputation to hold intellectual and expert readers and writers. With more than 4 million users Quora is still untouched by most of the social media marketers. Quora is known as social media platform for those who are looking for specific answers to their questions. Unlike other social networking platform platforms Quora involves no stupidity but original, verified and trusted content which makes it trustworthy among its users. Half of the Quora users belong to United States whereas rests of the users are from different countries.

Quora believe in quality content not bulky and unnecessary content. Quora can help you in generating more traffic provided you have used the right way to promote your site. By saying right way we mean you post the relevant answers and at the bottom post the link directed to your website. If you are desperately looking for more traffic you are going to choose the wrong promotion method by filling the answer with your links only but no relevant answers. So the super tip to get traffic to your website is not focusing on the traffic rather than focus on how to make your content more awesome and popular among readers. Good quality content hardly takes minutes to go viral and at the same time you will find great traffic on your website too. 

In order to register on Quora you need to sign up using Gmail or Facebook account. Now you have to set up your profile and try to mention all your area of expertise in the profile. You also have to select the categories so that you can see the answers and questions related to the concerned category. Keep updating your profile and answer the questions only after proper research. Be authentic and genuine while answering the questions as poor answers are likely to be rejected by Quora.

P.S.  Genuine and Quality content is the only mantra to drive traffic on your Website and blogs.

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