13 Dec 2016


Samsung To Deliver Foldable Smartphones in 2017?

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Source: Phone Arena

We all know that the improvement in the smartphone industry is driven mainly by the quality and innovation. In recent years, so many old and new companies have shown their hardwork to bring in innovations and quality to get the standard higher and higher and they are still trying to bring in new features in phones. But according to Korean IT News, Samsung is working on bringing in foldable smartphones into the market. Reports says that they are working on two versions of the foldable phones in which one will be released first and according to the response it gets, the second one will be brought in. Further rumors suggests that the first model will be a dual screen model with a hinge, where it can be folded by the hinge and the second one will be a single OLED display model. 

The dual screen model will have two flat displays which will be connected by a hinge where the hinge will be helping it in folding. The second model will be foldable along the panel itself making it a proper foldable phone. This model, when unfolded can be used as a tablet as well which makes it a great innovation in the smartphone industry.

The folding property was a much needed feature in the industry where there have been commendable improvement in features coming up. The processors have become so strong that we get 6GB RAMs in phones with the powerful chipset Snapdragon 820. In Apple phones and some android phones you even get Snapdragon 821 octacore processor and A7 Fusion quad core processor with the internal storage going as high as 256GB. The camera in phones have also been undergoing very much developments with getting better features like dual lens, optical image stabilisation, wide angle lens, 4K recording, etc. The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge also featured curved screen which was also well received by the public. 

After all the enhancement in the quality, the display screen was the next thing which required some more options. And Samsung is expected to do it and release it in 2017. Along with Samsung, reports says that companies like Oppo and Lenovo have also started making prototypes of foldable phones. But that is not all. Recently Apple also had acquired patents for the design of foldable phones. 

Amidst of all the rumors, we can make sure that 2017 is going to be a fantastic year as far as smartphone industry is concerned. All these competitions give the public to get new and enhanced features and get better phones in their hands. Let us wait and see how this goes in the next year.