14 Dec 2016


Scanit- This App Allows Users To Find Items Online Just By Clicking Photo Of It

Imagine a situation where while browsing or surfing through net or you are going somewhere and you suddenly liked something or you saw something which you were thinking to buy from some time. It could be anything from your friend's shoes , you colleague's laptop,a celebrities jacket or sunglasses or anything. But the first few questions that come to your mind are Where can I get it from? What is its price ? How can I get it ? I want to know more about this product. Now imagine what if all these questions are answered just by clicking a photo of that item . Yes, this is not any device from the James Bond films but its an app that's doing this stuff and its called Scanit.

Scanit allows the users to find their item with just a snap. The user just needs to snap and upload the picture of their item , be it a designer dress seen in a magazine or a swatch of fabric and click on search.Once the user uploads the snap, the app searches an exact match in its database and suggests a range of related products. Not only does it show the product, it also shows the online stores where the item can be bought. It also has the feature called “Store Locator”, to show the nearest offline store where the item is available. It’s designed to be faster and easier than a search engine.

Through the Store Locator feature, ScanIt shows the retail stores where the product the user searched may be available, including information like, store name, store address and contact number, store timings, company website, discounts/offers going on in the store, similar products in the store.
ScanIt was founded by Vishrut Jhawar, an Undergrad from Boston University School of Management in Finance and a first-time entrepreneur.Talking about how the idea of ScanIt was seeded, Vishrut shares, “to be very honest, the entire concept and idea came to me in a matter of hours and there it was, set in stone in my mind. This was further validated when I was trying to help my grandmother use her iPhone to browse the internet and I found that she would be much better off if she could take a picture of anything and find out more about it, which is when I knew that Scan It was the app of the future that I had to build, right now.”