8 Dec 2016


Smartest Tip to Create a Strong Password

Smartest Tip to Create a Strong Password

Cyber security is one of emerging issues in India. And when we talk about trending digital India we really mean that people are shifting towards Internet in every aspect no matter what may be the purpose, it can be shopping, banking, social media and so on. But with the rising usage of internet, cyber security has also emerged as great concern for the internet users. And yes we are talking about hacking the evil word for all your worries. The moment hackers crack your password your world literally shatters away and you have no idea what to do next. All you need to do is build a strong password so that it won’t be possible for the hackers to hack your ID. It is highly recommended to keep your password secure and that is only possible if you know how to deal with it.  Let us learn how to make your internet account safer than ever:
First thing first, strong password is something that is highly distinct from the usual so to begin with creating solid password you need to form a password with large valued characters and different alphabets and numbers.

Now follow the steps:

  • Take any sentence e.g., “SHE LOOKS LIKE MONKEY”.
  • Now eliminate ‘n’ number of characters from each word from the end say we eliminate two characters from the sentence “SHE LOOKS LIKE MONKEY” then it becomes “SLOOLIMONK”
  • Next step is to replace some keys with special characters like a= @, o= 0, I =! , 0 =) and so on. It’s time to apply this replacement method on “SLOOLIMONK”. After replacing the respective characters with special characters we get “SL))L! M)NK “and this is going to be your final password.

  •  That was simple wasn’t it? Just don’t forget the method you are using to create your strong password. It’s a responsible job to safeguard your password so in order to ensure its safety you can write your password in a piece or paper and put it somewhere which is only accessible to you.

In case you are finding this password creation method tough, don’t panic as there are other options available to manage and safeguard your passwords, for e.g., Dashlane which is password managing software and these applications can be paid or freeware.