15 Dec 2016


Why to Use Coding When You Can Create Your Website Using Website Builder

Why to Use Coding When You Can Create Your Website Using Website Builder

Is it necessary to have a coding knowledge to build a website?

Well, I say No because there are free website builders available on the internet which are way too easy to use, customize and maintain. Coding is not everyone’s cup of tea as it requires a lot of time, brain and you have to pay the coder extra money to build your website.  Website Builders are the future of website building and it is as easy as using a normal computer application, you just need to select the layout, customize it and drag/drop images and publish it. Not everyone is aware of the coding knowledge to build the website on the other hand Website builders let the users create the website in their own style. There are number of advantages of using website builder over coding. Let’s see how website builders are transforming the ways of website building:

Maintenance and Upgradation

Traditional websites are built on coding language which requires a constant maintenance and upgradation whereas Website builders are ready made layout consist of inbuilt script so you need to worry about the maintenance and upgradation. And you don’t have to write the script again and again as Website builders automatically upgrades the content.

Website Designing

Designing a website is an uphill task and it requires lot of creativity and art. And also you need to have a good knowledge of graphic designing softwares like Adobe Photoshop. Website builder is so easy that you just need to select the design template and upload it or you can use third party sites to create a logo and upload it on your website. Though website builders have limited designing options, still it makes your website graphic look appealing, professionally built and attracting.

User Friendly

 Always remembers that your website is a medium for your user to reach your business and purchase the product. So you don’t want to compromise it by making your website complex and confusing. An ideal website is something that emphasizes on users convenience. Clicking a button and typing information on the website are the main functions your users mostly use on the website so you don’t want to make the user feel lost which ultimately leads to the no purchase result for your website. And Website builder is capable to handle all sorts of task which makes it user friendly.

Availability & Additional Benefits

Talking about the availability of website builders there are numbers of free website builders available on the web like Weebly, Webs and Site2you which offers the free website building layout to their users. As far as the additional benefits are concerned Website builders are known to minimize errors and make the functioning easier.

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