16 Dec 2016


Learn the Simplest Way to Transfer Your Videos and Photos from Mobile to PC

Learn the Simplest Way to Transfer Your Videos and Photos from Mobile to PC

Most of the bloggers and designers require media files like video and photos to attach with their blog or website so they require captured images to be transferred from their mobile to their computer immediately but it takes too long to transfer and it is found that they usually struggles to transfer their files from their mobile to PC. The thing is they are still using the same old method (Bluetooth and USB data sharing) to transfer their media files from phone to PC. No doubt these media sharing methods are complex and rate of transferring files are too slow.

Well there is another cool way to transfer your videos and photos from your phone to your computer and this method is even faster than your outdated method. Ever heard of Snagit & Camtasia?
Bloggers may have heard about it but very few of you may actually know what of Snagit & Camtasia is about. If you ask me Snagit & Camtasia is something very important part of my work. Snagit & Camtasia is owned by TechSmith and founded in 1987. Let us talk what these applications actually do, well Snagit is a sort of video editing application that offers you the video editing and capture experience whereas Camtasia do the same job for captured images.

We were discussing about the simplest way of transferring videos and photos to your PC and Snagit & Camtasia is a part of this transfer method. Let me tell you how:

As mentioned earlier Snagit & Camtasia are owned by TechSmith and the same company owns a mobile app Fuse. Fuse is a multitasking app which lets you capture images, shoot videos and share immediately to Snagit or Camtasia on your computer. Fire works on different platforms i.e., IOS, Android & Windows Smartphone.

        Follow the given steps to connect your phone with your PC:

·         Make sure both the PC and phone to the same network.
·         Open Snagit on PC and Click on File and Connect  mobile device

·         Now QR code appears on the computer screen which you need to scan using Fuse app on your smartphone.
·         Open the Fuse app and click on Settings and Select Snagit or Camtasia.
·         Now click on Connect new device.
·         Scan the QR code.
·         Now you are ready to transfer images or videos from your phone to a PC with just one click.

Follow the given steps to transfer photos or videos to your PC:

·         Now when your Fuse app is connected to Snagit or Camtasia, the task of transferring photos and pictures have become way much simpler and faster.
·         In order to transfer the photos and videos to your computer you need to select the photos and videos you have captured and now click on share icon.
·         There will be next page click on share in which you need to select the softwares i.e.., Snagit or Camtasia.
·         It is being transferred now to the selected software i.e.., Snagit or Camtasia.
·         After you are done transferring you are free to edit the images and videos.