23 Dec 2016


Modern Concept of Passive Income

Modern Concept of Passive Income

There are moments when you wish you could have extra sources of income or side jobs to fulfill all your desires. You wish you could bring extra happiness to your family by getting them everything they want. You also need passive income for the following things:
      ·         Future savings
·         To lead  stress free retirement years in future
·         Paying down older debts
·         Spending holidays with your family
·         Higher education of children etc …

It's not like there are no source of extra income, in fact there are number of sources of extra income, all you need to do is getting yourself aware about the sources.
Passive income is more or less an additional income that you receive by doing almost nothing or sometime part time job. Passive income may be in the form of commission. Besides renting a room/ house and freelancing is also a part of passive income.

Well, we may have discussed number of sources of passive income in the above paragraph but still we are missing the bigger picture here.

We are talking about Affiliate marketing you may have a little knowledge about affiliate marketing that’s why I am briefing you in detail about it. In simple words, Affiliate marketing is the easiest method to make passive income. Affiliate marketing deals with reputable affiliates, websites, blogs, traffics and advertisements so it is not difficult to understand about it.

 Let me tell you how exactly it works. Suppose you have a website or a blog and you want to make money out of it. Now you need to bring audience on your website so that you can have a huge traffic on your website. You need to understand one most important thing here; large traffic will result in large income. And you must me wondering who pays this income, there are some reputable affiliates like Amazon Associate Network, eBay’s Partner 

Network, and Blue Book. These affiliate networks offers an affiliate link to the website /blogs and this is how the whole thing works. Larger the number of visitors on your blog bigger will be the income you earn. Pay per click, Pay per visit are some of the criteria that is used to measure the traffic on your website. Affiliate links can be used on several platforms like Google Adwords, target page URL ad and even share and promote the same link through WhatsApp.

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