27 Dec 2016

shahid khan

Learn How The Money is Distributed Between Google And Publisher Of Website

Learn How The Money is Distributed Between Google And Publisher Of Website

Have you ever wondered How Google earns so much money and how the website owners are earning huge some of money online?

There is connection between how Google and Website owner earns the money. If you are still scratching you head thinking about the person who is making Google and publisher rich , then let me reveal the fact . Advertisers are the one who are paying these both for different purposes:

# Purpose 1

 Advertiser uses Google Adwords to create an advertisement which can displayed on SERPs and other content pages by Google. And Google charges its share to help the advertiser in placing their ads on the web so that it can be exposed to the relevant users.

#Purpose 2

In this case advertiser indirectly put ads on the publishers website with the help of Google . Here, Google Adsense makes sure that the publisher is being paid for having the ad on his website .

In A Nutshell

Google, Advertiser and Website owner is interconnected in order to cater one another need. Google is the medium between Advertiser and Website owner. And by helping the Advertisers to reach their target audience or target market Google charges some commission . And now the publisher is the host who carries the ad to all its users or audience through his website. And now publisher starts earning money for having the advertisers ad on his website. Advertiser is the boss here , he is the one who decides how much money he is going to pay for Pay Per Click, Pay Per Visit to the publisher. 

The moment the advertisement is clicked by the audience , the motive of the advertiser is almost accomplished .