28 Dec 2016

shahid khan

What is SEO ?

What is SEO?

SEO is a familiar term for the website developers but there are still some people who may have heard about this term but don’t understand the actual meaning. SEO is not a difficult concept to understand, SEO aka Search Engine Optimization is an internet tool, which improves the ranking of your websites on search engines.

E.g., suppose you have a website and you want your website shown on the first page of Google Search results. Therefore, in order to improve the ranking of your website you need to work on SEO of your website which means you have to emphasize on the key words of your content people are looking for.

You must be wondering how actually, it does all happen. Well, It’s all depend upon the number and quality of links from different websites as Google analyze the relevancy and authotativeness level of your website on the basis of number and quality of links from other websites. In short, your website is likely to score better as long as other Web Pages linked to your website.

The key to attract other WebPages to link to your webpage is Great content. Greater content not only attracts the other web pages but also impresses Google to help your website ranking score well. So, it is advised to publish an interesting and useful content on your website using keywords and phrases used by user searching for your services and product. In addition, facilitate the user to share and link to website.


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This post is very informative for those people who are doing SEO.