27 Dec 2016


Understanding the Difference Between Google AdSense & Google AdWords

Understanding the Difference Between Google AdSense & Google AdWords

People who are newly introduced to online marketing often gets confused between Google “AdSense” and “AdWords”. Google owns both the tools that pertains with online marketing and that might be the reason of confusion among the users. Actually, both the terms are quite different from each other and it is required to clear this confusion. We are going to discuss how AdSense is diffreent from AdWords in the following explanation:

To understand Google Adword you have to think like an advertiser. Suppose you have a small business and you want to run a campaign by advertising your business on Google. So, now you need to signup on Google Adwords account and start developing your ads so that it can be displayed on Google search engine results page (SERP). The major function of Adwords is to guide you to choose the relevant keywords so that your ads can be placed in the perfect location on the SERP . Google always make sure that your ads are exposed to the relevant users who are looking for the similar kind of services you are offering.

Some important things to know about Adwords :

·        Using Google Adwords is free but running your business campaign will cost you money.
·        As an Advertiser you are the one who sets the budget and you only decide the amount you want to pay which can be based on different criteria like CPM (cost per thousand impressions) and PPC (pay per click).
·        You have no limit to spend your money on ads , you can keep paying until you feel your objective is achieved.

·        Adwords let you manage and track the results of your campaign.


To understand Google AdSense you have to think like a publisher or a website owner who wants to make some money by displaying Google Ads on your website but you don’t know how, Well , Google Adsense is an answer to your question.To be more precise Google uses the Adsense system to distribute the ads available in AdWords.

Some important things to know about AdSense:
·        You can signup your website on Google AdSense for free.
·        Your website will be tested and evaluated by Google and once you are approved as a publisher you can proceed to the further steps.
·        You are given a specific code of relevant ads that you have to use on your website.
·        After that , you have to decide the location to put that code on the website
·        Once you place the ad on your website , Google put ads created in Adwords in the location you chose.
·        The Advertiser now bid on their ads displayed on your website and Google will show the highest bidder.

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